Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Media Alert: K&N Filters did a feature story on Duck Tape Racing, which was both e-mailed out to their distribution list and posted on their website, at http://www.knfilters.com/news/news.aspx?ID=3326
And don't forget, if you missed it earlier, the 30-minute TV coverage show that aired on Fox Sports Net from the 2nd Annual K&N Spring Fling 20's is available streaming on www.bracketraces.com. Last year's show is there as well, and each year one of the Duck Tape cars made it on the show!
In other news, we're getting closer on Project Super Stocker with the Volare, and are hoping to fire up the new 5.9L DragPak motor tomorrow night if all goes well! A week ago, the car was barely more than a shell. We've since installed the engine built by Sloan Racing Engines with support from Southland Speed and Ross Pistons, installed the new 4.56 gears FINISHED by Jim Bailey and set up by Macy Motorsports and lubed up with CAM2 Blue Blood gear lube, and installed the fresh Abruzzi Racing Transmission and Torque Converter from Marco Abruzzi.

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