Tuesday, June 28, 2011

K&N Spring Fling Wrapup & Other Events

May 19-22, 2011

K&N Spring Fling 20's presented by Sparco

4 days, 4 separate races, over 300 entries. While the event was geared toward dragsters and door cars with electronic driving aids, I took up the challenge as last year with just my own two feet. ;-)

Thursday - Lost in Round #1 by .001 seconds
Friday - Lost in Round #3. (Won one round by .0000... decided by less than a ten-thousandth of a second! Won the following round with a perfect 10.150 pass on a 10.15 dial-in!)
Saturday - Lost in Round #1
Sunday - Lost in Round #2

In the first three days of competition, only one competitor had a better reaction time in eliminations. On the final day, I was out-reacted in the first round by just .002 but won the round, but red-lighted in round 2. Not a stellar outing, but given the level of competition and the "bringing a spoon to a gunfight" nature of the challenge, it was still a remarkable weekend, at one of the best big-money bracket events in the country.

Between rounds or after losing in eliminations each day, I helped out in the tower as an event announcer. On Saturday, we combined racing and announcing for the first round of eliminations with a unique stunt we'd like to call "In-Car Announcing!" With a remote microphone in hand, I narrated the round while driving. I had the reaction time advantage, but broke out to lose the round. Even so, people talked about it all day, saying things like "That was the most awesome thing I've ever seen!" A video of the run is available on Facebook, at http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/?of=750031686

The Duck Tape Turismo was in the Fox Sports Net coverage of this event, which started airing yesterday. There are still repeat shows upcoming, and the complete video is also available streaming online at www.bracketraces.com! We appear right at the beginning of the video (:03, at the head of the staging lanes), as well as a glimpse at :36 (at the rear of lane #6), and a closeup shot in the staging lanes at 1:52 in the video.

May 27, 2011
Gambler's Race - Rockingham Dragway, Rockingham, NC
Rained out.

May 28, 2011
The rescheduled IHRA Summit Pro-Am Tour event at Farmington Dragway (Winston-Salem, NC market)
Lost in Round #1 by .008

June 3-4, 2011
IHRA Summit Pro-Am Tour event at Mooresville Dragway
Friday night: Test session with the Turismo in Stock, and an impromptu rent-a-ride '98 Firebird in Super Stock
Saturday main event: Redlighted 1st round of Stock by -.001. Redlighted 3rd round of Super Stock in the Firebird.

June 5, 2011
IHRA Summit Super Series at Piedmont Dragway (Greensboro, NC market)
Redlighted first round by -.007. Bought back and lost a double-breakout by .005.

Looking back over the last month, it appears that trying to hard to be perfect is doing more harm than good, but when those thousandths of a second start going the other way again, things will become overwhelming positive once more.

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