Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Duck Tape Jr. On Track

The latest issue of Drag Review Magazine is available early online at http://bluetoad.com/publication/?i=23350&page=1, with race coverage from the IHRA Summit Pro-Am Tour event in Darlington, SC, where the Duck Tape Volare scored the Stock Eliminator title in Race #1 of the double-header. Coverage is on pg 45. The print edition of DRM will be out in the next week.

This past weekend, I made a road trip to central PA to pick up my first Stock Eliminator car, a front-wheel drive '85 Turismo 2.2L (135cid), built by Billy Nees Race Cars. It's been on the injured reserve list for many years, but my father and Billy Nees brought it back to life last summer, with some significant E.T. gains. I drove the car at the Carolina Class Racers Association Stock/Super Stock race at Fayetteville Motorsports Park, in Fayetteville, NC on Sunday, and broke personal bests on consecutive runs.
The attached photos are from 1999. I hope to get the car out more in the near future and get some fresh photos, and do some additional testing with sponsor's products.

This weekend, the Duck Tape Volare heads back to the site of its recent Pro-Am victory, Darlington Dragway, for the IHRA Summit Team Finals, Oct 7-11, representing Team Pageland Dragway.

I've included the Turismo testing runs below, for all the numbers geeks out there. ;-)
General conditions: 78F, 28%H, 29.77 Baro, 1.033 correction factor, 1600' DA, .26 VP, slight tailwind early, turning to slight headwind late in the day. All runs made at 140F engine temp, 14psi left front tire, 13psi right front (20x8-14 M/T slicks), 36psi rear. 2500 rpm launch. Weight ~2400#?
R/T 60' 330' 1/8th mph 1/4 mph shift
Q1 .013 2.105 6.277 9.801 69.17 6400/6300
Q2 -.010 2.101 6.272 9.783 68.79 15.472 85.37 6600/6500
Q3 .022 2.091 6.252 9.767 69.05 6600/6500
Q4 .028 2.073 6.243 9.754 69.23 15.449 85.88 6700/6500

The most immediate change I noticed was the switch from the 6" M/T's to the 8" M/T's, along with lower air pressure than I used to run, and a revised Billy Nees traction bar. 60' times are now at least a tenth better than when we had the car out in 2000. The next test will be to go from a 10w30 oil to the 0w30 CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil, which could potentially net some very big gains in such a small, responsive engine.

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