Tuesday, July 21, 2009

World Footbrake Challenge III

After an unbelievable Win and Runner-Up in the Sunday $10K at last year's World Footbrake Challenge, hosted by gorgeous Bristol Dragway, I had high hopes for another successful run up on the mountain.

The World Footbrake Challenge III was the toughest Footbrake race on planet Earth. Ever.

I've said things like that before, including the first edition of the $20K Footbrake Nationals at Piedmont, but I have no doubt that this event eclipsed even that group of tremendous performances. Bigshots, hot shoes, and champions were reduced to tears after a constant barrage of double-oh packages, the likes of which had never been seen with such regularity at a Footbrake race. It was the Moroso 5-Day, without the delay boxes and dragsters. The printer in the timeslip booth had to be replaced because it ran out of zeros.

During the $30K Shootout, Jared Pennington said it all by announcing, "Both drivers are dead late... they're .015 and .017!"

Bob Mullaney muttered, "I used to think I was a pretty fair driver." He spoke for everyone - even those that happened to win one of the three days.

With a new set of sticky 30x9" Mickey Thompson radials, and some fresh 0w30 CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil to go through the K&N Oil Filter, the Duck Tape Volare laid down fantastic successive passes. The driver showed up for an .017 average reaction time over 30 runs in three days, with numerous dead-on runs and some solid driving at the stripe. In the end, it was worth getting one entry to the fourth round on Friday and Saturday, and just one into the 3rd round on Sunday. (While glazing over the -.001 foul first round of the $30K Shootout...)

.009 and .03 over? Nope, no good.
.013 taking .001? Nah.
.023 taking .008? Nope.
.033 taking .007? Huh-uh.
.010 taking .006? Welllll... okay, you can have a white ticket. "When did you start giving these
.020 and dead-on with a zero? In the way.
-.003 red and dead-on with a two? Self-explanatory.
.017 and out .005 was good for a .001 double-breakout.
The only real softball of the weekend was my .039 and -.003 under against Phil Combs. I'd take most of the other losing tickets any day back home, and try my luck!

Despite the absolute bloodbath on the track, everyone had not just a good time, but a GREAT time The Coalburg Racing Promotions crew of Steve Stites and Jared Pennington once again put together what is positively "The World's Greatest Footbrake Race".

Even I didn't go home empty-handed, as I was awarded a "parting gift" courtesy of Nitrous Express. I appreciate all the event sponsors' support, especially Mickey Thompson, K&N, and Nitrous Express (although the prize is available for sale, since I can't use it on the Stocker!)

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