Monday, July 27, 2009

The web just got a little slicker...

CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil is now available for order directly off of their website. Check out and click on E-Store, order your choice of 0w30 full synthetic, 10w30 and 20w50 synthetic blends, (or even SAE70 for you nitro-burners) and have it drop-shipped right to you. For a limited time, get a free CAM2 t-shirt with your order! I've been using the 0w30 full synthetic in the Volare. I believe that it's a major component to not only going fast, but also to the car's consistency. I have experienced 'zero' break-in period with this oil -- meaning that it's as fast on the first run as it is the 20th. It also maintains its properties under different heat conditions. Some cars can pick up as much as .05 in the later rounds when you start hot-lapping, and I think that a lot of that comes from running thicker oil and/or conventional oil. On top of being a proven winner right out of the box (IHRA Spring Nationals, plus three straight at Pageland), my engine builder Tim Sloan (Sloan Racing Engines in Sanford, NC) is happy to have the high-zinc formula (2,000 PPM) pouring through the 360 Magnum's veins. Flow it through the added protection of a high-performance K&N Oil Filter, and you've got some serious piece of mind.

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